True broadcast quality comes from experience, high-end gear, technique and know-how


Studio Tech

  • Dedicated voiceover studio in North London, UK
  • Connecting worldwide with Source Connect Pro
  • Other options for directed sessions include Cleanfeed, Skype, Zoom etc
  • Flagship mic from sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs
  • Sennheiser MKH416
  • Unsurpassed flawless audio every time
  • Other gear (if you are interested) includes Universal Audio, Arturia, dbx/Harman, Audient, Apogee, JBL, Genelec
  • Full production can be arranged
  • Music and mixing
  • Full project creation consultation service

The Process


Drop me a line.  To make sure I am the right fit for your project, please fill in the form or email me with details of your project.  


We need to talk.  Then we can have a quick 'discovery call' to go over the details.  I'll then be able to provide a quote and timeframe as well as having the chance to really understand the style you're looking for.



Recording takes place.  If it's a live directed session we'll set this up.  If not I'll record and deliver the highest quality files in the format you need.


Signing off and paying up!  Checking that you are (more than) satisfied with the final product, re-recording if needed, I'll then provide an invoice for payment.  Everyone's happy? Job done!


Commercial Voicereel 2020


Everyman example

Finance example

CONTACT a voice actor today.

We can connect via Source Connect, Cleanfeed, Facetime, Zoom, Phone etc.

Reach me via

Mobile    07973 445328  (please use the form first as I might be in a session)
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